MOES: Final Monthly Ongoing Entrepreneurship Symposium

Monthly Ongoing Entrepreneurship Symposium, MOES, is a monthly series of events that gathers entrepreneurial spirited students to present their start-up ideas. On June 8th, 2018, Business Department held its first Final MOES, with two final candidates. 

Special thanks to Professor Chihmao Hsieh to organize this event, as well as Professor Sungjoon Nam and Department Chair Jin-Wan Cho to judge this at this event. Special congratulations to the Final candidates, Caysie Reuter and Gyu Hyun Byun. 

Start-Up Weekend: Fashion Innovation

On June 1st through June 3rd, 2018, SUNY Korea held its second Start-up weekend by the lead of the Business Management's Research Professor, Chihmao Hsieh.

The topic of this semester's start-up weekend was Fashion Innovation. There were total of 11 teams that participated in this event who came from the Computer Science Department, Fashion Business Management Department and Business Management Department from SUNY Korea. There were also participants who came outside of IGC to participate in this event. 

BMS Lecture Series: Sungjoon Nam

On May 23rd, 2018, BUS department held a BMS lecture series speaker Sungjoon Nam, the assistant professor at SUNY Korea Business Management.

He talked about the impulsive purchases made during the investigating years and the rate of return caused by the impulsive cancellation. The data is still growing and there are more research to be done to have further knowledge of what do marketers do in order to drive the people to make impulsive purchases. The mind game still happens in our every day lives as we encounter this even in our close by grocery markets. 

2018 Spring BUS Dept. Outing

On May 12th, 2018, BUS Department hosted its 2nd outing. Due to the rain, we had to cancel the previous schedule to Seoul Grand Park and Suri Mountain. We thank Professor Jin-Wan Cho and our coordinator Minha Kim who hosted this event. 

We first visited Issac Bowling to bowl and enjoy time together. After, we walked down the street to eat Korean BBQ. We spent a lot of fun time together talking and spending time with each other. 

We hope to see more of the students engage in the fun activities planned for the upcoming outings!