On Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, Business Department held its first BMS (Beautiful Minded Speaker) Series.

We had Professor Hsieh talk to us about his research about how the suspense the audience in films is similar in a way for the suspense that the entrepreneurs feel when they do their start up. His researched consisted of surveys of the entrepreneurs on Linkedin. We first examined the suspense that we could feel from the movie "Train to Busan" and link the emotions we have to the feelings we might have as an entrepreneur. 


We had lots of fun talking about the different feelings that these entrepreneurs had. Professor Chihmao Hsieh told us that more research is needed with a bigger pool of people. He is looking forward to research thoroughly on this issue.


BMS seminars continues to hold place. We look forward to see you, students and SUNY Korea faculty to partake in this event!