On May 23rd, 2018, BUS department held a BMS lecture series speaker Sungjoon Nam, the assistant professor at SUNY Korea Business Management.

He talked about the impulsive purchases made during the investigating years and the rate of return caused by the impulsive cancellation. The data is still growing and there are more research to be done to have further knowledge of what do marketers do in order to drive the people to make impulsive purchases. The mind game still happens in our every day lives as we encounter this even in our close by grocery markets. 

There is always a reason why item A is stored on shelf A and item B is stored on Shelf B. This is for the sake of the company's profits from analyzing the consumer buying behaviors. 

Thank you for all the support you showed to the BMS Series. This puts the end on the BMS series for Spring 2018. We hope to see you next semester!