BUS seminar

On May 29th, Wednesday, 2019, the third BUS Seminar - INSIGHT Distinguished Speaker Series- was held. In this seminar, Professor Jaeyeong Lee came to gave us a speech about military R&D in Korea and its application.

In this talk, one of the R&D results executed in South Korea was introduced. Software systems that evaluate a weapon’s effectiveness prior to its development as a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) in the future was also shared. The scope of the talk started with an overall explanation about a weapon acquisition procedure called SBD (Simulation-Based Development), and followed with the results from a simulation software called ABMSim (Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation). During the talk, a couple of examples derived from the evaluation of UGV’s effectiveness in an NCW (Network Centric Warfare) environment set on future battlefields was reviewed.