Graded/Pass/No Credit Option

Students may elect the G/P/NC option for one course per semester under specific circumstances which are noted in the Undergraduate Bulletin here.

-The GPNC process requires students to select a threshold letter grade as the minimum acceptable grade for the course. If a student should achieve his/her minimum grade or higher, the achieved grade will be the final reported grade on the transcript and will be factored into the GPA. If a student should achieve a grade less than the threshold but higher than F, the final reported grade on the transcript will be P (Pass). If a student fails the course, the final reported grade on the transcript will be NC (No Credit).

  1. Earning a P or NC in a course does NOT fulfill DEC, SBC, major, or minor requirements.  
  2. Earning a P  counts toward the University requirements of 39 upper division credits and the total credits toward graduation.
  3. You cannot G/P/NC a class that is S/U or A,B,C/U graded.  These courses do not offer the G/P/NC option. 
  4. If you are a TAP recipient, note that if you earn a "P" in a course, it may affect your eligibility to receive TAP in future terms.  
  5. The G/P/NC option cannot be selected for 2nd or more attempts of the same course.
  6. Did you know that you cannot withdraw from a class if that will result in less than 12 enrolled credits (if you are a full-time student)?  In that situation, you might want to consider the G/P/NC option.
  7. Talk to your professor about how you are doing in a course before deciding on an option.  You might be doing better than you think!
  8. The G/P/N/C option is available for only one course per semester.    
  9. Neither the P nor NC is factored into your GPA.
  10. Make your decision by the semester deadline for G/P/NC and withdrawal, and speak to an academic advisor if you have any questions. 

                   *the deadline in Fall 19 is October 25, 4 PM. (in New York time)


How to Select the G/P/NC Option

The G/P/NC Video Tutorial