The Business Management program at SUNY Korea aims at educating students to become a responsible and respected businessman/woman in their area of interests. The academic curriculum and various extra-curricular activities are designed to ensure the students to develop entrepreneurial spirit with analytic skills, practical skills and global perspectives. Unlike the business management programs at most other universities, we do not stop at teaching the students about how to build prosperity using managerial knowledge.  But we also teach them the necessity and virtue of sharing the prosperity.

The academic program requires twelve core courses (37 credits) for the student majoring in Business.  In addition, four additional courses (12 credits), are required in the area of specialization making a total of 49 credits needed to meet the graduation requirement.  Additional Business courses may be taken as electives if the student meets the pre-requisites for the course.

The students will stay one year at Stony Brook University in their junior or senior year. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that students entering SUNY Korea can take three course in their specialization in Korea if they choose to specialize in Entrepreneurship, Marketing or Finance. Students who are interested in the other area of specialization can take the required courses while they visit Stony Brook University.

Together with the College of Business (COB) at Stony Brook and with the Business faculty here at SUNY Korea, we can insure that the students will meet the minimal 49 Business credits needed for graduation.